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Sending people to share the gospel in another culture is only part of what it takes to be obedient to what we call "The Great Comission." The other part of the equation is that those who go out need to find others who will team up with them back home, to help them thrive, not just survive, over there for the long haul. That is what this small book is about... what those who go out can do for themselves to raise up a team that is committed specifically to supporting them.  PACT to Go: A cro...

AUTHOR(s): Gilbert, Rod & Ruthie , Paterson, Ross, Paterson, Christine
PUBLISHER: Elemental Publishing LLC ISBN: 978-1-935614-16-6
SOURCE: Amazon

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If we could ensure that our TCKs would grow up healthy and resilient, we would do it in a heartbeat. In Raising up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids, Lauren Wells has gifted us with a gentle guide and a preventive health primer, unique in the field of third culture kid literature. This book is a goldmine of wisdom, organized in a practical and readable format. While we cannot know all our TCKs will go through, we can take a giant step forward by learning how to multiply the benefits of...

AUTHOR(s): Wells, Lauren

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Peter Jordan's vital, insightful teaching on the challenges and opportunities that await returning missionaries makes this essential reading for every short- and long-term out-reach participant and every local church and mission agency that sends out workers.

AUTHOR(s): Jordan, Peter
PUBLISHER: WCL 3rd Party ISBN: 978-0-927545-40-2
SOURCE: Amazon

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"My great desire in writing this book is to help people safely navigate the transition from the mission field to home. As I look back at my own life, I realize that I could have benefited much from the information contained in this book. Of course, there was no space travel metaphor for the experience. Space travel was still something people only dreamed about. Back then, missionaries were simply coming home on furlough. This book is divided into two sections around the space travel metaph...

AUTHOR(s): Peter Jordan

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What does it mean to “read Romans with Eastern eyes”? Combining research from Asian scholars with his many years of experience living and working in East Asia, Jackson directs our attention to Paul's letter to the Romans. He argues that some traditional East Asian cultural values are closer to those of the first-century biblical world than common Western cultural values. In addition, he adds his voice to the scholarship engaging the values of honor and shame in particular and their influ...

AUTHOR(s): W, Jackson

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