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SOURCE: CernySmith

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Massive number of audiobooks available, across many topics. The topics covered are wide-ranging and all coming from a Christian worldview. The mission of is  to be one of the most trusted places on the Internet for the refreshment and growth of the soul.  The vision of christianaudio and is to  shape Christian hearts to think and do right . We believe in publishing and selling products which will promote spiritual growth by inspiring Christians to thin...

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The Coping Centre offers a peaceful place for support, understanding, compasion and encouragement in the uniqueness of one's grief journey.
SOURCE: copingcentre

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There Are Three Certainties in Life: Death, Taxes…and the Dark Night Experience. Dark night experiences, or DNX, are those terrible, painful experiences that shock the core of our being and fill us with anguish, bewilderment, helplessness, and hopelessness. DNX can leave every aspect of your life marked with a giant X: “shattered, condemned, and marked for destruction.” Dark Night Experience will help you not only survive the DNX but thrive. Authors John and Vivian Moy offer the wisdom and expe...

AUTHOR(s): Moy, John , Moy, Vivian
PUBLISHER: John and Vivian Moy ISBN: 978-1-4787-4467-2

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Six years ago I entered the office of my primary care doctor and burst into tears. I sobbed until I could not sob anymore. I sobbed until all that was left was a broken soul and no more tears. When…

AUTHOR(s): Marilyn
SOURCE: Marilyn R. Gardner

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