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AUTHOR(s): , Dani

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The goal of the FIGT Research Network (FRN) is to bring together producers and consumers of research promoting FIGT’s mission to:  “Promote cross-sector connections for sharing research and developing best practices that support the growth, success and well-being of people crossing cultures around the world.” Through the research network, members are able to share ideas, methods, and findings with others who understand and value research in the field. The network works to encourage, suppo...

AUTHOR(s): FIGT Resource Network

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Foreign to Familiar is a splendidly written, well researched work on cultures. Anyone traveling abroad should not leave home without this valuable resource! Sarah's love and sensitivity for people of all nations will touch your heart. This book creates within us a greater appreciation for our extended families around the world and an increased desire to better understand them. By: Sarah A. Lanier

AUTHOR(s): Lanier, Sarah A.

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HAZ FRENTE AL PELIGRO guía a los trabajadores transculturales a través de una discusión bíblica sobre el riesgo, y ofrece un marco práctico y espiritual para realizar de forma óptima una evaluación y gestión de riesgos transculturales.  .En este libro, ANNA E. HAMPTON trata:- Cuatro conexiones relacionadas con el riesgo entre el Antiguo y Nuevo Testamentos.- Elementos esenciales de la evaluación y gestión de riesgos transculturales.- El equilibrio de la tensión entre la guía del Espíritu Santo,...

AUTHOR(s): Hampton, Anna E.
PUBLISHER: Zendagi Press
SOURCE: Haz Frente al Peligro: Una Guía a Través del Riesgo

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