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CSAperspective is a new innovative program founded by CernySmith LLC, an online stress assessment company established in 1992, that gives you a new Perspective on stress. We provide tools to rethink stress in a more productive way. It starts with our well researched and patent pending stress assessment... followed with creative and individualized training that helps people develop strategies for greater stress adaptability. By: CernySmith LLC
SOURCE: Cerny Smith Perspective

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Potter's Inn is a non-profit organization providing, teaching and resourcing soul care for leaders in ministry and the marketplace.
SOURCE: Potter's Inn

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Being a parent in the digital age means you have a ton of ways to connect with others...On social media, you can also post photos of your kids so friends and family across the world can keep up with family news. Sometimes, though, parents can post a little  too  much information about their kids — or even go so far as to shame them publicly.  Sharenting is a term that most likely originated in a  Wall Street Journal article  from 2012. A mashup of the words “overshare” and “parenting,” i...

AUTHOR(s): Haley Zapal

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One of the significant challenges we face on a day-to-day basis is working with others, often from different cultures and with different personalities.  SYIS is designed to enhance the knowledge, attitudes and skills of Christian workers for relating well with family, co-workers, friends and those from other cultures. SYIS is highly interactive. Participants work and share together in pairs, small groups, as a whole group, and practice the skills with each other. The best methods of i...

AUTHOR(s): International Training Partners

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 We are a growing community of people in mission – whether going, sending, supporting, praying or financing. Syzygy exists to support mission workers.  Our mission is to maximise the effectiveness of mission workers and prevent their avoidable departure from their place of service.  We do this by providing training, debriefing, pastoral care and practical support.  We do this one-to-one, or through workshops, retreats and conferences, as well as through our blogs... NOTE: This is Brit...

AUTHOR(s): Syzygy

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