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Dear Graduating Senior, This spring I hugged you. I cried with you. I said goodbye to you. And then I looked into the faces of your parents as they said goodbye too. How can I express the depth of …

AUTHOR(s): Trotter, Elizabeth
SOURCE: A Life Overseas |

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TCK looks back to where he was raised in Africa, not expecting the people who know him now will have any comprehension, and that is ok.

AUTHOR(s): Josh Gibson
PUBLISHER: Josh Gibson Media
SOURCE: You Tube

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TCK singer songwriter expressing rootlessness of that life. Singer: Alice Merton Platform: YouTube

AUTHOR(s): Alice Merton

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In her talk, Megan Dempsey describes what it's like to grow up as a "third-culture kid", feeling all her life like she belonged to neither American culture nor Brazilian culture. She explains how we can all learn to detach our sense of belonging from one place and become global citizens who can belong anywhere. Megan Dempsey is a Junior at Wofford, majoring in psychology with a concentration in neuroscience. Originally from Travelers Rest, South Carolina, Meg moved when she was six months old t...

AUTHOR(s): Dempsey, Megan

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Tyisha Murphy's background includes Indian, Irish and English. She often gets asked, "what are you, exactly?" She writes about being caught between two worlds, in her own words. By: Tyisha Murphy

AUTHOR(s): Murphey, Tyisha , November 25, 2019 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated:

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