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Prolonged grief disorder (PGD)  is a form of grief that is persistent and pervasive and interferes with functioning. It’s characterized by persistent intense yearning, longing and/or preoccupation with thoughts and memories of the person who died, along with other symptoms such as identity disruption, a marked sense of disbelief, avoidance of reminders of the loss, intense emotional pain related to the death, difficulty engaging in ongoing life, emotional numbness as a result of the death, fee...
SOURCE: The Center for Complicated Grief

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Dr. M. Katherine Shear provides advice and tips for those coping with grief and sudden loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. By: Dr. M. Katherine Shear

AUTHOR(s): Shear, MD, M. Katherine
SOURCE: NewYork-Presbyterian

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One may ask when grief is not complicated?! The essence of grief is that it is complicated. Grief impacts many aspects of life and your sense of stability; the core of who you are is displaced. (If you missed it, here’s our earlier discussion on grief.) Currently in the United States, professionals are working to define […]

AUTHOR(s): Brown, Katie
SOURCE: Global Trellis

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