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Be honest, when you think of cross-cultural workers as a whole, we are not known for being great at celebrating. Instead, we might be known for working hard, caring deeply about those we came to serve, being adept with converting time zones and currencies, and no-one knows the best places for good local food better […] Author: Amy Young   Source: Global Trellis

AUTHOR(s): Young, Amy
SOURCE: Global Trellis

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Each year we hear about New Year’s Resolutions – we make plans to lose weight, become more organized, be on time more. All great goals, but how many times have those goals been forgotten in February?  (I raised my hand too!)  In today’s podcast we discuss “The Great Annual Examen,”  a simple question and answer exercise to help you reflect on the past year and anticipate the year to come. There are several different categories given for you to reflect on:   My Physical...

AUTHOR(s): Smith, Stephen W.
SOURCE: Potter's Inn

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