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There have been a lot of books written about Third Culture Kids but not so many for them, especially for young TCKs. Swirly, written by adult-TCK Sara Saunders and illustrated by Matthew Pierce, he…

AUTHOR(s): Thompson, Craig
SOURCE: A Life Overseas |

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MKs (missionary kids, third culture kids, TCKs) face challenges that few realize. Harrison's book offers honesty, empathy, and grace for the challenge. By: Jenilee Goodwin

AUTHOR(s): Goodwin, Jenilee
SOURCE: International Mission Board

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Just like a space shuttle struggles and strains to re-enter the earth's atmosphere, so those returning from living overseas can find themselves confused and in a state of panic at coming home. While people anticipate that going overseas will require major changes in their lifestyles and thinking, few anticipate the difficulties they will face upon return.Intended to aid the re-entry process, this encouraging, and insightful book deals with these important subjects:adapting to the passport cultu...

AUTHOR(s): Knell, Marion
PUBLISHER: IVP Books ISBN: 0-8308-5617-X
SOURCE: Amazon

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Mock Funeral There was no funeral.No flowers.No ceremony.No one had died.No weeping or wailing.Just in my heart.I can’t…But I did anyway,and nobody knew I couldn’t.I don’t want to…But nobody else said they didn’t. So I Read more…

AUTHOR(s): James, Alex Graham
SOURCE: CulTure miKs

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Listen to this compelling conversation with a leader in the field of educating, training, and caring for missionary families and their children. We talk about the unique perspectives and challenges that face missionary kids as well as ask many of our students about their lives as global citizens. If you would like to contact Michèle Phoenix, please visit By: Michèle Phoenix     Length: 55:37

AUTHOR(s): Phoenix, Michèle
SOURCE: Anchor

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