The Re-entry Roadmap: Find Your Best Next Step After Living Abroad

The Re-entry Roadmap: Find Your Best Next Step After Living Abroad


Are you returning “home” after living, working or studying abroad? Warning: for most people, re-entry (repatriation) is the hardest part of the entire abroad experience.That’s why the Re-entry Roadmap workbook takes you by the hand and guides you through this challenging transition. Filled with fresh insights, thought-provoking activities, and actionable advice, the Re-entry Roadmap gives you the keys to a successful re-entry by helping you:- Process your complex emotions- Navigate changing relationships- Adjust forwards (no going backwards here!)- Articulate what you learned and experienced abroad- Reflect on who you are now- Identify your Global Life IngredientsThis lively, humorous, and engaging guide then shows you how to put what you've learned about yourself into a plan of action - your "Forward Launch" - for living a beautiful, meaningful, and satisfying global life that you love no matter where in the world you are.Whether you're just about to return, are in the middle of the re-entry or have been back a while, the Re-entry Roadmap will help you find confidence, clarity, and connection, as well as your best next step. The Re-entry Roadmap workbook is perfect for:Expats Peace Corps volunteersJET program teachersFulbright scholarsRotary scholars International school teachers Study abroad studentsService-learning studentsGap year studentsEmbassy workersMissionaries Military families Solo, family, and long-term travelers

This resource was published on Aug 21, 2020 and was last updated on Oct 30, 2020

AUTHOR(s): Brubaker, PhD, Cate

PUBLISHER: Thinking Travel Press

ISBN: 978-0-692-13818-2

SOURCE: Amazon

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