Homeward Bound: A Spouse's Guide to Repatriation

Homeward Bound: A Spouses Guide to Repatriation


Out of years of personal experience and interaction with other expatriate/third culture families, Robin Pascoe has caught the essence of the challenges and struggles that all too often are faced by internationally mobile people without the appropriate and proper warnings.

It is clear that her goal is not to discourage people from the enriching experience of being a globally nomadic family, but rather to be better prepared to do it well and gain the greatest benefits from the experience. This is a book written from both the head and the heart, and it speaks to the head and the heart of the reader.

This resource was published on Aug 23, 2020 and was last updated on Mar 03, 2021

AUTHOR(s): Pascoe, Robin

PUBLISHER: Expatriate Press Limited

ISBN: 978-0-9686760-4-2

SOURCE: Amazon

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