Cross-Cultural Workers

Cross-Cultural Workers


Dr. Ron Koteskey and his wife Bonnie are volunteering their time to provide mental health resources for cross-cultural workers around the world. As part of this service they have developed a series of brochures / articles, and written a series of e-books including: "Coming Home": The Re-entry Transition, We're Going Home: Reentry for Elementary School Children (with a guide for parents), What Cross-Cultural Workers Ought to Know, one for parents titled Understanding Adolescence, and one for TCKs titled Third Culture Kids and Adolescence, Cultural Creations, Cross Cultural Workers Marriage Issues, Cross Cultural Workers Singles Issues, and Before You Come "Home": Preparing for Reentry...and dozens more.

Ron and Bonnie Koteskey

This resource was published on Aug 23, 2020 and was last updated on Mar 03, 2021

AUTHOR(s): Koteskey, Ronald L.

  Koteskey, Bonnie

SOURCE: Cross Cultural Workers

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