Miko's Journey

Mikos Journey


Miko’s Journey is a picture book with a coloring page next to each story page, following the adventure of Miko the chameleon who is moving to a new forest. Miko has to say goodbye to his family and friends and start the scary adventure to his new home. Though he has fun in his new forest and learning a new language, he misses his friends too. The story ends with Miko making friends with a zebra and getting to ride on his back.

After the story, there are extra coloring pages of Psalm 139:9-10 and then 8 discussion questions for kids who have recently moved to a new place.  Since this story was published by the Assemblies of God, it isn’t available to buy online but you can contact the publishers through their email: askmiko72@gmail.com

By Nathalie Jeter (author), Sarah Goodapple (illustrator)

MNRL request - If you find a way to purchase it please leave us a feedback comment so we can update this entry. Thank you!

This resource was published on Nov 07, 2020 and was last updated on Oct 02, 2021

AUTHOR(s): Jeter, Nathalie

PUBLISHER: TCK International

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