Third Culture Kids 3rd Edition: Growing up among worlds

Third Culture Kids 3rd Edition: Growing up among worlds


In this 3rd edition of the ground-breaking, global classic, Ruth E. Van Reken and Michael V. Pollock, son of the late original co-author, David C. Pollock have significantly updated what is widely recognized as The TCK Bible. Emphasis is on the modern TCK and addressing the impact of technology, cultural complexity, diversity & inclusion and transitions. Includes new advice for parents and others for how to support TCKs as they navigate work, relationships, social settings and their own personal development. Specific updates:· A second PolVan Cultural Identity diagram to support understanding of cultural identity · New models for identity formation · Updated explanation of unresolved grief · New material on 'highly mobile communities' addressing the needs of people who stay put while a community around them moves rapidly · Revamped Section III so readers can more easily find what is relevant to them as Adult TCKs, parents, counselors, employers, spouses, administrators, etc. · New "stages and needs" tool that will help families and organizations identify and meet needs · Greater emphasis on tools for educators as they grapple with demographic shifts in the classroom.

By: David C. Pollock, Ruth E. Van Reken, Michael V. Pollock

Available in Spanish as: Hijos de una Tierra Sin Nombre: La Realidad de los Chicos de Tercera Cultura; and in French as Les enfants expatriés: Enfants de la Troisième Culture.

This resource was published on Aug 18, 2020 and was last updated on Nov 16, 2021

AUTHOR(s): Pollock, David C.

  Van Reken, Ruth E., Pollock, Michael V.

PUBLISHER: Nicholas Brealey

ISBN: 978-1-4736-5766-3

SOURCE: Amazon

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