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Caregivers and emergency responders are empathetic individuals who risk suffering from Compassion Fatigue, a form of PTSD that is treatable using the steps described in Amy’s presentation. Amy Cunningham has spent twelve years working with non-profits and mental health organizations, focused on assisting adolescents in overcoming trauma and redefining their lives. In 2011, she developed the Compassion Fatigue training program for the Center for Health Care Services, Bexar County’s community men...

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This project is my final major project (12 weeks) for my Foundation Year at the Arts University Bournemouth. ’Everywhere & Nowhere’ is a short film (documentary) about my story as a third culture kid, and my answer to the question “where is home”, including responses from other third culture kids in the credit sequence, whilst evoking the sensory experience of sight and sound through the cinematography, mise-en-scene, and sound design. NOTE: the audio is faint for the interviews. ...

AUTHOR(s): Miyazaki, Sena

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Moving abroad with children? A complete and practical guide to moving overseas and living the expat life with kids - wherever you are in the world. By: Carole Hallett Mobbs

AUTHOR(s): Mobbs, Carole Hallett
SOURCE: Expat Child

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Adventures of a Linguist Abroad.  (Originally this blog was known as Expat Gone Foreign.) Humour and laughter about language, culture, and life as an expat done with words and cartoons. By: Karen, PhD

AUTHOR(s): Karen, PhD
SOURCE: Linguist Gone Foreign

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Do you ever wish you could get a deeper understanding of what it's like to be adopted? Today's guest, Tara VanderWoude, is an adopted person and adoptive mom. She speaks with candor, humor, and passion about talking to our kids about adoption, the importance of having realistic expectations before adopting, returning to Korea with her family, and more. Presenter:  Lisa Qualls, Melissa Corkum, and Tara VanderWoude  Time: 57.58

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