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When children enter adulthood, our role as parent changes, too. Here's some advice for parents: Let go of control, and let God give your adult children the freedom to live on their own. By: Chuck Johnson

AUTHOR(s): Johnson, Steve
SOURCE: Focus on the Family

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For as long as I can remember I have lived between worlds. My first memories of life are from a rooftop in the southern area of Pakistan. The high, flat roof surrounded by walls was a perfect place…

AUTHOR(s): Gardner, Marilyn R.
SOURCE: A Life Overseas |

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Considerations before entering a cross-cultural marriage. Awareness of stress points in cross-cultural marriages. Author: Hannah Edington

AUTHOR(s): Edington, Hannah
SOURCE: A Life Overseas

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 Taking Route is a group of expat women who want to reach out to other expat women around the globe and encourage them to take root, right where they’ve been planted. One of the best things about living overseas single is also one of the hardest things. Most of my writing is directed toward married women with kids because I am married with a toddler . But I was single once and I even lived overseas for three years when I was single. Those three years held some of the best days along with s...

AUTHOR(s): Spencer, Elizabeth
SOURCE: Taking Route

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Are you a Missionaries' Kid (MK)? The parent of an MK? Do you work with MKs and would you benefit from some insight into their strengths and struggles? Author and Speaker: Michèle Phoenix

AUTHOR(s): Michèle Phoenix

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