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Once when I was introducing a workshop for global workers on the topic of transitions, I conducted an experiment. I asked the attendees to introduce themselves to someone new and to only talk about things in their lives which were NOT changing. The conversation dragged on for a few minutes. Energy and interest remained low. […]

AUTHOR(s): Austin, Tim
SOURCE: Global Trellis

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I’ve written these forty-eight actions items like biblical counseling homework for myself. A constant diet of Scripture will renew our minds and bring that much needed cut-through the hills of anxiety (Rom. 12:1-2). I hope this is helpful for you to relieve anxiety in your life.

AUTHOR(s): Weidmann, Josh
SOURCE: ChurchLeaders

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New beginnings are exciting to think about. They bring up images of growth, fresh starts, and hopefulness. The problem comes when we fail to realize that new beginnings usually are accompanied b...

AUTHOR(s): Taylor, Cam
SOURCE: Outreach Canada Ministries

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I grew up in a very conservative subculture of an already conservative homeschool culture, in a pretty conservative stream of the Christian faith. Though I learned much from these exper… Author: Jonathan Trotter Source: The Trotter Family

AUTHOR(s): Trotter, Jonathan
SOURCE: The Trotter Family

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I was not aware of the concept of frozen grief until I stumbled across an article by Marilyn Gardner of Communicating Across Boundaries. All of a sudden pieces of the puzzle started falling into place. Yes, this is what is happening. The Frozen Sadness of Ambiguous Loss explains how the grief process is arrested when we don't even realize we need to grieve. Ambiguous loss is a psychological term meant to apply to those losing loved ones to Alzheimer's or those with an absent father who might re...

AUTHOR(s): Gross, Beth
SOURCE: Smart Mamas Read

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