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Having lived through three political evacuations and having faced a number of “hot” times in developing countries one is always faced with the question of “to evacuate or to stay." How does one decide it is time to leave, and when does wisdom say keep your head down low and sit tight until the storm passes by? By: Ron W. Brown

AUTHOR(s): Brown, Ron
SOURCE: The Global Vault

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In a world of chaos, what are we supposed to do about rest? Rest just doesn’t seem like an option, especially for those of us in full time ministry. So, we push it off again and again until we burn out from pure exhaustion. By: Natalie Arauco

AUTHOR(s): Arauco, Natalie
SOURCE: A Life Overseas |

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Trigger warning: suicide, self-harm “I’m done living.” It was a few days after Christmas and I was sitting in a car outside our Central New York hotel, with heavy snow swiftly obscuring the world outside the windows. My tears turned cold as they ran down my cheeks, and my labored breath shot white clouds like… Continue Reading Dying to Leave, Trying to Live: My Depression Journey Author: John Pavlovitz

AUTHOR(s): Pavlovitz, John
SOURCE: Stuff That Needs To Be Said

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Nearly two years ago, I wrote an article titled "Speak It" that garnered significant attention. This is a follow-up post providing parents with concrete steps for preventing, recognizing and responding to abuse. These recommendations apply to any family raising children in this broken world.  Author: Mich è le Phoenix Source:  Michèle Phoenix Website
SOURCE: Michèle Phoenix

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Adventures of a Linguist Abroad.  (Originally this blog was known as Expat Gone Foreign.) Humour and laughter about language, culture, and life as an expat done with words and cartoons. By: Karen, PhD

AUTHOR(s): Karen, PhD
SOURCE: Linguist Gone Foreign

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