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We need diverse books! These books include characters that happen have various disabilities. Improve the diversity of your classroom library and home library with these books with this book list! The list includes characters with autism, ADHD, physical disabilities, wheelchairs, OCD, tourette syndrome, visual impairment, hearing impairment, learning disabilities and more. By: Nicole Chavanne

AUTHOR(s): Chavanne, Nicole
SOURCE: Learning Lab

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For those of you who participated in or have been following the missionary attrition study from last fall, this is the post that you have been waiting for. It is time for some initial results! By: Katie Rowe

AUTHOR(s): Katie Rowe
SOURCE: A Life Overseas |

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There is great hope for those who are confused, not realizing how to claim the strength and power of God that is available to all. As servants and warriors for Christ, each of us seek to make ourselves available to churches, schools and organizations who are seeking answers and education. Contained on this site is a synopsis of the focus each of us bring to discussing and understanding God’s redemptive process for gays/homosexuals. Every audience we have encountered has received the additi...
SOURCE: 'Coming Out' Ministries

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Our passion is to serve member care communities all around the world…so our toolbox includes crisis response and other member care resources in several languages (with more to come), as well as links to other languages, some of which provide services and resources in other languages. By: Mobile Member Care Toolbox

AUTHOR(s): mmct
SOURCE: Mobile Member Care Team

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This post covers some key advice I give to parents about coping with the stresses associated with cross-cultural education. I hope you will find these suggestions thought-provoking, encouraging, and interesting.  By:Tanya Crossman  

AUTHOR(s): Crossman, Tanya

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