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A brief overview of school options for parents of MKs, including pros and cons of each one. By: Amy Medina

AUTHOR(s): Medina, Amy
SOURCE: A Life Oversees

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AUTHOR(s): Davis, Miriam
SOURCE: OMF | Missions to East Asia's People

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How would our church cultures be different if every family believed they had a strategic part in God’s story of blessing the nations?...The modern missions movement was founded in prayer, but it was sustained by multigenerational faithfulness... God created the very first family with his mission in mind (Gen 1:27–28)... If God made families the central focus of his mission strategy, maybe we should too. Also available in French, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish By Carissa Pot...

AUTHOR(s): Potter, Carissa , Hardin, Karen
PUBLISHER: Lausanne Movement

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The long-term impact of boarding school can manifest itself as 'boarding school syndrome' - a condition counsellors need to be aware of and work with.
SOURCE: Brighton Therapy Partnership

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Ahhh “Repatriation” It’s one of those words that you don’t even look up in the dictionary until you start going through it yourself.  For those less traveled it may not even…

AUTHOR(s): Jones, Jerry
SOURCE: The Culture Blend

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