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We need diverse books! These books include characters that happen have various disabilities. Improve the diversity of your classroom library and home library with these books with this book list! The list includes characters with autism, ADHD, physical disabilities, wheelchairs, OCD, tourette syndrome, visual impairment, hearing impairment, learning disabilities and more. By: Nicole Chavanne

AUTHOR(s): Chavanne, Nicole
SOURCE: Learning Lab

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Practical coaching for Christian ministry workers. Relevant training on fundraising, communications, security, and ministry growth. Hosted by: Refresh Ministries
SOURCE: Refresh Ministries

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This multiformat and free guide for young readers defines the coronavirus, explains why everyday routines have been disrupted, and lays out how everyone can do their part to help. With child-appropriate answers and explanations, the book addresses key questions, like: How do you catch coronavirus and what happens if you have it? Why are people so worried about it? Is there a cure? Why do we have to stay home? What can I do to help? And what happens next? By Elizabeth Jenner  (Author), Kate...

AUTHOR(s): Jenner, Elizabeth , Wilson, Kate

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من اشهر رسامين كتب الأطفال في العالم أكسيل شيفلر رسم الكتاب ده عن الكورونا حسيت ان ولادنا من حقهم علينا بعد 3 شهور من القعدة في البيت ان يكون الكتاب ده بين ايديهم كتاب مش هايخوفهم لكن هايعرفهم حاجات عملية ينفع يعملوها شكراً لكل طفل وكبير وفنان بيحب اطفال مصر شاركوا في عمل الترجمة والفيديو من فضلك شير لكل بيت فيه طفل لينك لتحميل الكتاب بالعربي لينك الكتاب الانجليزي En...

AUTHOR(s): by Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson & Nia Roberts , Illustrated by Axel Scheffler
PUBLISHER: Nosycrow ISBN: 24520623

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This post covers some key advice I give to parents about coping with the stresses associated with cross-cultural education. I hope you will find these suggestions thought-provoking, encouraging, and interesting.  By:Tanya Crossman  

AUTHOR(s): Crossman, Tanya

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