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'An Expat’s Guide to Choosing a School Overseas' is an absolute must-read if you’re moving overseas with children. Choosing the right school for your child is one of the hardest decisions you’ll make as an expat parent. It’s a complex decision based on many factors.‘Expat Education’ explores these aspects to make the decision easier for you and shares how to make your child’s move into their new school, in a new country, a less stressful one.Discover the different education options available fo...

AUTHOR(s): Mobbs, Carole Hallett
PUBLISHER: Independently published ISBN: 978-1-79438-176-6
SOURCE: Amazon

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Learn more about Expatica, one of the largest expat resources providing guides for expats about finance, healthcare, housing, and much more in 11 countries. Expatica Communications B.V. provides expats the information they need to turn their new country into their home. Primarily for expats from several European and Middle Eastern countries and South Africa.  By: Expatica
SOURCE: Expatica

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What’s really behind all the dilly-dallying and delaying? Is procrastination simply laziness or lack of self-discipline? By: Catherine Wilson

AUTHOR(s): Wilson, Catherine
SOURCE: Focus on the Family

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Not everyone needs to learn a new language when they move to a new culture. But it certainly can help with feeling more at home. By: World Family Education
SOURCE: World Family Education

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A simple change in the way you communicate can boost your child's cognitive development. By: Sophie Hardach

AUTHOR(s): Sohpie Hardach
SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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