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This book enables adults who were traumatized as children to learn new strategies to meet the demands of daily living. While focusing on the effects of dissociation and including specific advice for multiples, Nancy Napier presents dozens of exercises helpful to anyone who finds that unresolved childhood feelings are blocking life's path. By: Nancy J. Napier

AUTHOR(s): Napier, Nancy J.
PUBLISHER: W W Norton ISBN: 978-0-393-31242-3
SOURCE: Amazon

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Dr. Lyndon Wall of Refresh Ministries points out that burn-out is often predicated by a loss of hope.

AUTHOR(s): Wall, Dr. Lyndon

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El Chico o Chica de Tercera Cultura es el hijo o hija de una familia de empresarios, diplomáticos, emigrantes o misioneros que se han mudado de su país natal a otros país. Sus hijos tienen la difícil tarea de adaptarse y arraigarse en un mundo de culturas cambiantes. El autor contesta las preguntas difíciles que surgen a raíz de la difícil transición cultural y emocional que han de realizar estos hijos; aquellos que llamamos CTC. A la vez de contestar las preguntas da consejos prácticos pa...

AUTHOR(s): Eddy, Guillermo

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National crises ramp up stress among couples and families. Psychologists identify the risks and point to resources that can help.

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What would you say if you found out the missionary you are supporting deals with depression? Mental health in missions is a topic we need to talk about.

AUTHOR(s): Hitching, Galina

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