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In this TEDx presentation Ruth Van Reken shares her insight on the griefs and gains of being the Third Culture Kid. Ruth Van Reken is a second generation Third Culture Kid (TCK - a child who spends a significant period of time during his or her developmental years growing up in a culture outside the parents’ culture.), mother of three adult TCKs, and co-author of the internationally acclaimed book, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds. By: Ruth Van Reken      Length: 16:24

AUTHOR(s): Van Reken, Ruth

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The Christian community puts tremendous energy and momentum toward getting global workers on the field, but there’s often a lack of intentional effort to provide spiritual, emotional and physical support once workers are serving overseas. Thus, many women ministering around the world feel alone and are barely surviving. Thrive was founded to help women flourish in their new contexts, to lower attrition rates among global workers, and to expand God’s Kingdom by spurring on the women called ...

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It was 2001. My family had arrived in Kazakhstan in 1996, the first American family in our town, and been joined by other Americans and Aussies over the next several years. It was a fairly isolated… Deportation, churches need to know how to care for their missionaries who arrive "home" By: Emily Hervey

AUTHOR(s): Hervey, Emily in Kingdom of , Love, Pain, Serving
SOURCE: Living to Glorify God

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There are a thousand little evils in your enemy’s bag of tricks all custom-designed to keep you from doing what God has laid out for you to do. Here are just nine of them. Be on your guard. Author: Shane Bennett Source: Missions Catalyst

AUTHOR(s): DriveOrl, Missions Catalystc/o Marti Wade10123 William Carey , o, book, FL 32832Add us to your address

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Is there a ‘best age’ to move children overseas? A frequently asked question in the expat (and aspiring expat) community. We all want the best for our children, and we all want the easiest possible transition. So, when is the right time to make the move abroad with your children? By: Carole Hallett Mobbs

AUTHOR(s): Mobbs, Carole Hallett

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