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.The purpose of Kid’s Books Without Borders is to send books to families living overseas who have little or no access to bookstores or libraries with children’s books in English. My desire is to encourage these families by providing, free of charge, quality books for overseas families to read to their children and for their children to enjoy reading independently. By: Gail OConnor

AUTHOR(s): OConnor, Gail

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AUTHOR(s): Jones, Jerry

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Leon the chameleon has a problem. When the other little chameleons turn green, yellow or blue -- he turns red, purple or orange! Leon doesn't turn the opposite color on purpose. He just can't help it. Being different makes Leon feel lonely. One day, the little chameleons go exploring and lose their way. As the parents anxiously search for their little ones, they suddenly spot a speck of color far off in the distance. It's Leon! And thanks to his brilliant hue, the little chameleons are rescued....

AUTHOR(s): Watt, Melanie
PUBLISHER: Kids Can Press ISBN: 978-1-55337-527-2
SOURCE: Amazon

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Résumé de l'ouvrage Les enfants élevés à l’étranger ont un parcours hors du commun : une enfance jalonnée de changements, d’adaptations, de découvertes et d’expériences atypiques. Ils se forgent une culture qui n’est ni vraiment celle de leurs parents ni vraiment celle des pays dans lesquels ils vivent : ils deviennent des Enfants de la Troisième Culture. Ils sont émotionnellement, psychologiquement et affectivement différents des personnes ayant vécu leur enfance dans un seul pays. Ce livre s’...

AUTHOR(s): Gylbert, Cécile
PUBLISHER: Les Éditions du Net ISBN: 978-2-312-02246-8
SOURCE: Amazon

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Letter from Head of Faith Academy in Philippines and Board Chair to alumni in response to February 2019 news reports of  child abuse in Christian boarding schools in the Philippines and Senegal. By: Tom Hardeman and Steve Pardue

AUTHOR(s): Thomas E. Hardeman , Steve Pardue
SOURCE: Faith Academy Website

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