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Written specifically to missionary teens, Hiding in the Hallways offers MKs a biblical context for their faith in light of their unique circumstances, challenges, and opportunities. Filled with personal anecdotes, former MK Jeanne Harrison champions gospel relevancy and the need for MKs to continue to filter their lives through a biblical worldview. Covering seven main areas relevant to the missionary teen life both on and off the missions field, this book also includes a chapter for parents to...

AUTHOR(s): Harrison, Jeanne
PUBLISHER: New Hope Publishers ISBN: 978-1-62591-531-3
SOURCE: Amazon

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El Chico o Chica de Tercera Cultura es el hijo o hija de una familia de empresarios, diplomáticos, emigrantes o misioneros que se han mudado de su país natal a otros país. Sus hijos tienen la difícil tarea de adaptarse y arraigarse en un mundo de culturas cambiantes. El autor contesta las preguntas difíciles que surgen a raíz de la difícil transición cultural y emocional que han de realizar estos hijos; aquellos que llamamos CTC. A la vez de contestar las preguntas da consejos prácticos pa...

AUTHOR(s): Eddy, Guillermo

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Excellent article for TCKs on Identity. By: Jeannie Shepherd  

AUTHOR(s): Shepherd, Jeannie
SOURCE: Ministry Essentials

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 I think of Donna Kushner as a hero. She is a champion of MK’s and TCK’S, their stories, journeys and life struggles. She was so moved by the need to care for MK’s better, she pioneered a ministry called  MK2MK  (Missionary Kid to Missionary Kid) under the umbrella of Cru, officially forming in 2000. Since then, she has touched the lives of thousands of MK’s making them feel seen, known and truly loved.

AUTHOR(s): Alleman, Abby
SOURCE: A Life Overseas |

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Was your father or mother a pastor, evangelist, rabbi, denominational superintendent, worship minister, missionary or key leader of a para-church organization?If so, then this book is for you ... not about you, for you.Whether you think your experience was good or bad, the truth is, it was both. "I have to be perfect!" If you've ever told yourself this lie, you need to check out Timothy Sanford's book. Whether you've grown-up in a ministry family or struggle with perfectionism, you'll find enco...

AUTHOR(s): Sanford, Timothy L.
SOURCE: Amazon

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