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TCK singer songwriter expressing rootlessness of that life. Singer: Alice Merton Platform: YouTube

AUTHOR(s): Alice Merton

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There have been a lot of books written about Third Culture Kids but not so many for them, especially for young TCKs. Swirly, written by adult-TCK Sara Saunders and illustrated by Matthew Pierce, he…

AUTHOR(s): Thompson, Craig
SOURCE: A Life Overseas |

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The author, the child of missionaries to Korea, explores the acculturation of the missionaries in their adopted land and the issues facing them and their children on return to the USA. While her stories are specific to Korea, the difficulties and rewards of living in another culture and of switching between cultures are familiar to many who have lived for an extended period in another country. Anyone who has experienced the challenges of orientation in a strange place to what were the most rout...

AUTHOR(s): Donna Sidwell DeGracia

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MKs (missionary kids, third culture kids, TCKs) face challenges that few realize. Harrison's book offers honesty, empathy, and grace for the challenge. By: Jenilee Goodwin

AUTHOR(s): Goodwin, Jenilee
SOURCE: International Mission Board

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Anxious Jaxon wakes up excited to start his day but soon finds out that the world has changed from Covid19. Anxious Jaxon - A Brand New World, addresses the fears that young readers may have while dealing with Covid-19 and uses bright illustrations and writing that empower them while explaining how things are just different and not bad. A fantastic tool to use when talking about Coronavirus and Covid-19 with your children. By: Olivia G. Jacobs

AUTHOR(s): Jacobs, Olivia G. G.
PUBLISHER: Gold Circle Consulting Group
SOURCE: Amazon

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