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Was your father or mother a pastor, evangelist, rabbi, denominational superintendent, worship minister, missionary or key leader of a para-church organization?If so, then this book is for you ... not about you, for you.Whether you think your experience was good or bad, the truth is, it was both. "I have to be perfect!" If you've ever told yourself this lie, you need to check out Timothy Sanford's book. Whether you've grown-up in a ministry family or struggle with perfectionism, you'll find enco...

AUTHOR(s): Sanford, Timothy L.
SOURCE: Amazon

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As seen in Time, USA TODAY, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and on CBS This Morning, BBC, PBS, CNN, and NPR, iGen is crucial reading to understand how the children, teens, and young adults born in the mid-1990s and later are vastly different from their Millennial predecessors, and from any other generation.With generational divides wider than ever, parents, educators, and employers have an urgent need to understand today’s rising generation of teens and young adults. Born in the mid-1990...

AUTHOR(s): Twenge, Jean M.
PUBLISHER: Atria Books
SOURCE: Amazon

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Beginning with Jesus' birth, Ken Bailey leads you on a kaleidoscopic study of Jesus throughout the four Gospels. Bailey examines the life and ministry of Jesus with attention to the Lord's Prayer, the Beatitudes, Jesus' relationship to women, and especially Jesus' parables. Through it all, Bailey employs his trademark expertise as a master of Middle Eastern culture to lead you into a deeper understanding of the person and significance of Jesus within his own cultural context. With a sure b...

AUTHOR(s): Bailey, Kenneth E.

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Résumé de l'ouvrage Les enfants élevés à l’étranger ont un parcours hors du commun : une enfance jalonnée de changements, d’adaptations, de découvertes et d’expériences atypiques. Ils se forgent une culture qui n’est ni vraiment celle de leurs parents ni vraiment celle des pays dans lesquels ils vivent : ils deviennent des Enfants de la Troisième Culture. Ils sont émotionnellement, psychologiquement et affectivement différents des personnes ayant vécu leur enfance dans un seul pays. Ce livre s’...

AUTHOR(s): Gylbert, Cécile
PUBLISHER: Les Éditions du Net ISBN: 978-2-312-02246-8
SOURCE: Amazon

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The sexual abuse scandal has gripped the Catholic Church for the past thirty years, and continues to wreak havoc even today. It's been a diabolical masterpiece, one that has compromised the work of the Church in every way and has left countless lives in ruin. Many Catholics are understandably asking, “Why should I stay? Why not abandon this sinking ship before it drags me or my children under?" In this stirring manifesto, Bishop Robert Barron, founder of Word on Fire Catholic Min...

AUTHOR(s): Barron, Robert

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