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HAZ FRENTE AL PELIGRO guía a los trabajadores transculturales a través de una discusión bíblica sobre el riesgo, y ofrece un marco práctico y espiritual para realizar de forma óptima una evaluación y gestión de riesgos transculturales.  .En este libro, ANNA E. HAMPTON trata:- Cuatro conexiones relacionadas con el riesgo entre el Antiguo y Nuevo Testamentos.- Elementos esenciales de la evaluación y gestión de riesgos transculturales.- El equilibrio de la tensión entre la guía del Espíritu Santo,...

AUTHOR(s): Hampton, Anna E.
PUBLISHER: Zendagi Press
SOURCE: Haz Frente al Peligro: Una Guía a Través del Riesgo

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Are you a victim of spiritual abuse? Are you discouraged from questioning the decisions or teachings church leaders make? If you do little or no volunteer work for the church, do you feel like a second-class Christian? Does your pastor insist on being addressed by a title such as "Dr". or "Pastor"? Do you hear many broad, vague appeals to "surrender fully", "yield completely" or "lay it all on the altar"? Are public reports about various ministry activities sometimes exaggerated? Do church memb...

AUTHOR(s): Blue, Ken
SOURCE: Amazon

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When Taylor Murray arrived in Japan, she felt like she was on an adventure-an adventure that God had called her family to take. The unique food, the strange language and the foreign culture were exciting and new. But the novelty of life overseas wore off, and Taylor became overwhelmed with frustration, loneliness and the sorrow of leaving everything she knew-the States, her home, her extended family-for everything she didn't know. She kept these emotions hidden in her heart until they reached a...

AUTHOR(s): Murray, Taylor
PUBLISHER: Bottomline Media ISBN: 978-0-9852192-5-3
SOURCE: Amazon

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El Chico o Chica de Tercera Cultura es el hijo o hija de una familia de empresarios, diplomáticos, emigrantes o misioneros que se han mudado de su país natal a otros país. Sus hijos tienen la difícil tarea de adaptarse y arraigarse en un mundo de culturas cambiantes. El autor contesta las preguntas difíciles que surgen a raíz de la difícil transición cultural y emocional que han de realizar estos hijos; aquellos que llamamos CTC. A la vez de contestar las preguntas da consejos prácticos pa...

AUTHOR(s): Eddy, Guillermo

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Was your father or mother a pastor, evangelist, rabbi, denominational superintendent, worship minister, missionary or key leader of a para-church organization?If so, then this book is for you ... not about you, for you.Whether you think your experience was good or bad, the truth is, it was both. "I have to be perfect!" If you've ever told yourself this lie, you need to check out Timothy Sanford's book. Whether you've grown-up in a ministry family or struggle with perfectionism, you'll find enco...

AUTHOR(s): Sanford, Timothy L.
SOURCE: Amazon

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