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People talk about retirement like it’s supposed to be an endless vacation. But what if, like the majority of those facing retirement, you can’t afford such a luxury? Or, what if you just want something more from retirement? Some advocate for no retirement at all. But you’ve worked for decades and a rest and reprieve do sound appealing. What should you do?  Does God have a purpose for your retirement? Yes, He does. Learn how to discern what it is by taking an uncommon approach. Jeff Haan...

AUTHOR(s): Jeff Haanen
PUBLISHER: Moody Publishers

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Anxious Jaxon wakes up excited to start his day but soon finds out that the world has changed from Covid19. Anxious Jaxon - A Brand New World, addresses the fears that young readers may have while dealing with Covid-19 and uses bright illustrations and writing that empower them while explaining how things are just different and not bad. A fantastic tool to use when talking about Coronavirus and Covid-19 with your children. By: Olivia G. Jacobs

AUTHOR(s): Jacobs, Olivia G. G.
PUBLISHER: Gold Circle Consulting Group
SOURCE: Amazon

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AUTHOR(s): Brubaker, PhD, Cate , Cumberford, Doreen, Watts, Helen

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Are you concerned about unreached or unengaged peoples? You probably know that their countries do not welcome missionaries, and that followers of Jesus who serve there via traditional sending organizations do not publicize these organizational ties or their churchbased funding sources. But have you thought through the consequences of keeping that information hidden?  Authentic Lives  will help you do that—and more. And if those consequences trouble you,  Authentic Lives  suggests ways to minimi...

AUTHOR(s): Thomas Hale III

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