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Third culture kids/global nomads have typically interacted with two or more cultures during their developmental years - those years that shape who they are as human beings. As they go about living their normal highly mobile, cross-cultural lives, they have no clue as to how they are being impacted. But one day they have an experience that wakes them up to the fact that they are different from others. This commonly takes place upon repatriation for college or university when they are surrounded ...

AUTHOR(s): Quick, Tina L. , Reken, Ruth Van
PUBLISHER: Summertime Publishing ISBN: 978-1-904881-21-6
SOURCE: Amazon

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AUTHOR(s): Davis, Miriam
SOURCE: OMF | Missions to East Asia's People

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Are you returning “home” after living, working or studying abroad? Warning: for most people, re-entry (repatriation) is the hardest part of the entire abroad experience.That’s why the Re-entry Roadmap workbook takes you by the hand and guides you through this challenging transition. Filled with fresh insights, thought-provoking activities, and actionable advice, the Re-entry Roadmap gives you the keys to a successful re-entry by helping you:- Process your complex emotions- Navigate changing rel...

AUTHOR(s): Brubaker, PhD, Cate
PUBLISHER: Thinking Travel Press ISBN: 978-0-692-13818-2
SOURCE: Amazon

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This popular workbook helps Christian international students think through the challenges they will face upon returning home. It includes thought-provoking questions, exercises, Bible studies, comments from past returnees, reentry teaching, and a list of additional resources.

AUTHOR(s): Chinn, Lisa Espineli
SOURCE: InterVarsity

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You’ve heard of culture shock, but what about when your child returns home from abroad? Here’s what your kid wants you to know about reverse culture shock.

AUTHOR(s): Tavakoli, Mariel

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