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The COVID-19 pandemic has generated grief in all of our lives. We have lost jobs, financial security, health, community connections, and the opportunity to gather and celebrate significant milestones such as graduations, weddings, births, and anniversaries. In addition, we are reminded daily of the lives lost to the virus. These losses raise larger questions for us as Christians. How do we understand and process grief as people of faith? How can we support vulnerable and grieving members o...
SOURCE: Sanctuary Ministries

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare workers are being pushed to their limits (and beyond) as they selflessly care for patients. Not only are they under enormous strain at work, they also face the fear of bringing the virus home to their families. So what can help providers who are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or afraid during these difficult times? Ron Siegel, PsyD recently sat down with Ron Epstein, MD to get his take. Now we’d like to hear from you. How are you helping patients m...

AUTHOR(s): Ron Epstein, MD , Ron Seigel,PsyD

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National crises ramp up stress among couples and families. Psychologists identify the risks and point to resources that can help.

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When we aren’t touched, our brains suffer from the lack of these chemicals. We may feel depressed, anxious and stressed. We might also have more trouble sleeping. DescriptionTest1

AUTHOR(s): Wolfelt, Alan

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Affectionate touches tap into the nervous system’s rest and digest mode, reducing the release of stress hormones, bolstering the immune system, and stimulating brainwaves linked with relaxation. by Ashley Yeager

AUTHOR(s): Yeager, Ashley
SOURCE: The Scientist Magazine®

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