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Interview with Christoph Kröger on COVID-19 social identity and moral injury. By: Christoph Kröger

AUTHOR(s): Aten, Jamie
SOURCE: Psychology Today

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Dr. M. Katherine Shear provides advice and tips for those coping with grief and sudden loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. By: Dr. M. Katherine Shear

AUTHOR(s): Shear, MD, M. Katherine
SOURCE: NewYork-Presbyterian

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It is mid-September and six months since borders closed, masks became mandatory, and life changed for people around the globe.  While fall is always a time of movement and change for expats an… Author: Marilyn

AUTHOR(s): Marilyn
PUBLISHER: A Life Overseas: a cross-cultural conversation
SOURCE: A Life Overseas

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Welcome to our second “Grief Week.” If you missed the first, you can read the posts here and here. COVID-19 has come with so much loss and change; Katie helps explain how your grief stirs up other grief. Who among you is tired of grief and loss? Who wants to hide and take shelter? Who […]

AUTHOR(s): Brown, Katie
SOURCE: Global Trellis

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