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AUTHOR(s): Zoer, Martine
PUBLISHER: Foreign Service Youth Foundation ISBN: 978-0-9658538-4-2
SOURCE: Amazon

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In  The Legacy Journey , Dave Ramsey takes a deep dive into God’s word, revealing the truth on money, wealth and how to build your personal and family legacy. It’s time to address the toxic messages in our culture that say we should be ashamed of the success God’s given us. Author: Dave Ramsey  Publisher: Ramsey Press

AUTHOR(s): Dave Ramsey

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Are you returning “home” after living, working or studying abroad? Warning: for most people, re-entry (repatriation) is the hardest part of the entire abroad experience.That’s why the Re-entry Roadmap workbook takes you by the hand and guides you through this challenging transition. Filled with fresh insights, thought-provoking activities, and actionable advice, the Re-entry Roadmap gives you the keys to a successful re-entry by helping you:- Process your complex emotions- Navigate changing rel...

AUTHOR(s): Brubaker, PhD, Cate
PUBLISHER: Thinking Travel Press ISBN: 978-0-692-13818-2
SOURCE: Amazon

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The Reentry Team: Caring for Your Returning Missionaries , in Section I, Chapter 1 establishes the joint responsibility for missionary care between the Church and mission agency. Chapter 2 lays a clear five-point Scriptural pattern for a successful reentry. That is followed quickly in Chapter 3 with discussion of the "human dilemma" which makes it so difficult to follow that pattern. Section II is comprised of 70—good and not-so-good—stories written by returning missionaries. Commentary follow...

AUTHOR(s): Pirolo, Neal
PUBLISHER: Emmaus Road International

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AUTHOR(s): Lee, Jiwon

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