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Are you a victim of spiritual abuse? Are you discouraged from questioning the decisions or teachings church leaders make? If you do little or no volunteer work for the church, do you feel like a second-class Christian? Does your pastor insist on being addressed by a title such as "Dr". or "Pastor"? Do you hear many broad, vague appeals to "surrender fully", "yield completely" or "lay it all on the altar"? Are public reports about various ministry activities sometimes exaggerated? Do church memb...

AUTHOR(s): Blue, Ken
SOURCE: Amazon

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National crises ramp up stress among couples and families. Psychologists identify the risks and point to resources that can help.

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Author Laurie Halse Anderson shares her insights into what we aren't telling our boys

AUTHOR(s): Laurie Halse Anderson

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The sexual abuse scandal has gripped the Catholic Church for the past thirty years, and continues to wreak havoc even today. It's been a diabolical masterpiece, one that has compromised the work of the Church in every way and has left countless lives in ruin. Many Catholics are understandably asking, “Why should I stay? Why not abandon this sinking ship before it drags me or my children under?" In this stirring manifesto, Bishop Robert Barron, founder of Word on Fire Catholic Min...

AUTHOR(s): Barron, Robert

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Letter from Head of Faith Academy in Philippines and Board Chair to alumni in response to February 2019 news reports of  child abuse in Christian boarding schools in the Philippines and Senegal. By: Tom Hardeman and Steve Pardue

AUTHOR(s): Thomas E. Hardeman , Steve Pardue
SOURCE: Faith Academy Website

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