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Just like a space shuttle struggles and strains to re-enter the earth's atmosphere, so those returning from living overseas can find themselves confused and in a state of panic at coming home. While people anticipate that going overseas will require major changes in their lifestyles and thinking, few anticipate the difficulties they will face upon return.Intended to aid the re-entry process, this encouraging, and insightful book deals with these important subjects:adapting to the passport cultu...

AUTHOR(s): Knell, Marion
PUBLISHER: IVP Books ISBN: 0-8308-5617-X
SOURCE: Amazon

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The calling journey is the life stages and transitions we go through as we move to our ultimate calling. Here is a basic presentation of those steps.  By: Tony Stolzfus

AUTHOR(s): Stoltzfus, Tony
SOURCE: Coach22

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Over 20 years ago Dr. Lehan Stemmet developed an interest in how people deal with challenges through what started as a personal project he called 'Deal With It'. This talk summarises part of his quest to find out how resilient people navigate through challenges. Dr. Lehan Stemmet is an Associate Dean of the Faculty of Business and IT at Manukau Institute of Technology. He is passionate about seeing people reach their full potential and has an affinity for multidisciplinary applied research, bro...

AUTHOR(s): Stemmet, Lehan

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This resource provides three free chapters from "Trauma & Resilience - A Handbook."  Spiritual Resources in Dealing with Trauma has sections focusing on Lament, Grace, and Forgiveness, which are particularly relevant for this pandemic. Traumatic Stress Management  provides understanding about the impact of trauma and practical skills to reduce that impact. Using these skills enhance resilience in a situation with recurrent trauma and grief.  Healthy Stress Management provides understanding a...

AUTHOR(s): Charles Schaefer, , Frauke Schaefer

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For those of you who participated in or have been following the missionary attrition study from last fall, this is the post that you have been waiting for. It is time for some initial results! By: Katie Rowe

AUTHOR(s): Katie Rowe
SOURCE: A Life Overseas |

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