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HAZ FRENTE AL PELIGRO guía a los trabajadores transculturales a través de una discusión bíblica sobre el riesgo, y ofrece un marco práctico y espiritual para realizar de forma óptima una evaluación y gestión de riesgos transculturales.  .En este libro, ANNA E. HAMPTON trata:- Cuatro conexiones relacionadas con el riesgo entre el Antiguo y Nuevo Testamentos.- Elementos esenciales de la evaluación y gestión de riesgos transculturales.- El equilibrio de la tensión entre la guía del Espíritu Santo,...

AUTHOR(s): Hampton, Anna E.
PUBLISHER: Zendagi Press
SOURCE: Haz Frente al Peligro: Una Guía a Través del Riesgo

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Excellent article for TCKs on Identity. By: Jeannie Shepherd  

AUTHOR(s): Shepherd, Jeannie
SOURCE: Ministry Essentials

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Out of years of personal experience and interaction with other expatriate/third culture families, Robin Pascoe has caught the essence of the challenges and struggles that all too often are faced by internationally mobile people without the appropriate and proper warnings. It is clear that her goal is not to discourage people from the enriching experience of being a globally nomadic family, but rather to be better prepared to do it well and gain the greatest benefits from the experience. Th...

AUTHOR(s): Pascoe, Robin
PUBLISHER: Expatriate Press Limited ISBN: 978-0-9686760-4-2
SOURCE: Amazon

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National crises ramp up stress among couples and families. Psychologists identify the risks and point to resources that can help.

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 I think of Donna Kushner as a hero. She is a champion of MK’s and TCK’S, their stories, journeys and life struggles. She was so moved by the need to care for MK’s better, she pioneered a ministry called  MK2MK  (Missionary Kid to Missionary Kid) under the umbrella of Cru, officially forming in 2000. Since then, she has touched the lives of thousands of MK’s making them feel seen, known and truly loved.

AUTHOR(s): Alleman, Abby
SOURCE: A Life Overseas |

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